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Passport to go



Nationalities as a form of identification have served their time. In a world, where your chances depend on where you are born, your passport is more than just identification. It becomes your identity. but not anymore. We made it possible for everyone to get one's needed passports. We are introducing: the "Passport to go". Get your Passports now! To act free as a world citizen. Every passport contains a unique range of possibilities. All States are based on an agreement on specific rules. Exchange and travelling between states depend on the compatibility between those. Still, there are 206 listed souvereign states on Planet Earth right now. It is necessary to proove your origin with documents at diverse occasions. But one has to deal with the relict of the old times. Enrich yourself with all the rights you want to have. The passports don't have all the same prices. It's because some of them are more convenient and others.. less. Get your passports. With passport to go. The prices are quite high for now, but we are working hard on giving everyone the chance to go everywhere. Get Passport to go to your place Get your passports to go to all the places.


Photos and Video: Linda Schäffler


Jahresausstellung Burg Giebichenstein | Halle (July 2016)